The FRMBC Warship

This is the outreach ministry carried out by the members of FRMBC. With a U.S. Navy Warship as our model, we venture out into our community and the surrounding communities to carry the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to the lost and minister to the saints, promoting a healthy connection to our church.

The FRMBC Warship consists of:

- STC (Spiritual Training Corps) - Sunday School Outreach

- Sea Bees Door to Door Fliers and Hangers

- Navy Seals Door to Door Witnessing

- Marines Follow Up Witnessing

- Para-troopers Letter Writing Ministry

- Delta Force Street Witnessing

- Red Cross Visiting the Sick, Bereaved, and Shut-ins

- Air Assault Prayer Ministry

- Coast Guard New Residents

- National Guard Child Care for our workers' young children