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A Note to Independent Baptist Pastors

Dear Independent Baptist Pastors,

If you have any preachers that are interested in being systematically trained for the Baptist preaching/pastoring ministry, we invite you to consider GLBI.

GLBI is not a college and claims no accredidation or sanction by the state. GLBI exists soley to train men for the Baptist ministry under the watchcare of the students' pastors, and the instruction of our pastor, Dr. Bob Hugan, who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies, a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies, and a Doctor of Pastoral Theology degree. This allows students from other Baptist churches of like faith to continue to serve in the church they are a member of.

GLBI offers 1 year, 2 year, and 4 year programs. We cannot officially transfer credits to nor from other post-high school institutions. GLBI may, in cooperation with students' pastors, apply any formally taught classes to students' total course structure.

Contact the church office for inquiries.